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Hi! We are Warren and Maryann Hanrahan. Our life celebrates a second chance filled with love, joy and peace! We met (on the internet) in our 40's and fell madly in love. We are on a mission to share God's blessings with others. Even the name of our Gatlinburg and vacation rental business is a statement of our faith: HIP is an acronym for He Is Present, reminding us that the Lord is the center of everything we do. 
Welcome to Oak Leaf Lodging, owned and operated by Hanrahans' HIP Holdings, Inc—your source for beautiful Gatlinburg Condo and Chalet vacation rentals! Here we have comfortable places to spend a healthy vacation for the mind, body and soul!! We truly hope you experience the intense beauty and calming peace of God's Good Earth here in Tennessee!!! 

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Thank You!

Our business was featured in the 
May issue of the ABWA National Newsletter.

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Warren on drums at the Miracle Theater

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